SSA 600 SSA 800  SSA 1000
Thickness (mm): 50 50 50
Weight gr/sq.m: 600. 800 1000
Density (kg./m3): 12 18 20
NRC (by ASTM-423C ): 0.65 0.70 0.80
Fire classification by (ASTM D 635)  100
Thermal conductivity w/mk IS: 3346-1980 0.030


Star Sound AbsorB is acoustic insulation composed of flexible and user and environmentally friendly polyester fibers. The insulation is composed of an optimum mix of fibers with different features for achieving maximum effectiveness, as acoustic insulation, which also serves as thermal insulation.

Star Sound AbsorB is odorless, non-toxic, repels rodents and does not develop mold and mildew.

General Info

Purpose of Use
Star Sound AbsorB is used for acoustic insulation in plaster partitions, for thermal and acoustic insulation in hollow, outdoor walls.

Star Sound AbsorB installation is simple and executed by fixing the roll or slab to the height of the wall or the partition. The light weight of Star sound synth and the stiffness of the slab give stability to the insulation mattresses and prevent their sinking.

Slab measurements: 120 cm x 180 cm or 120 cm x 200 cm. or in rolls size of 120 cm x 15 mtr length or 120 cm x 10 mtr length .

It is preferable to store in a shady location.

There are no known risks to the use of this product. This product is not known to be carcinogenic or to cause any other illness.
Personal protection equipment – There is no need for the use of special means of protection.

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